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The bible tells us that although man was created spiritually,
rationally, morally and immortally, as a reflection of God's holy and perfect nature, with authority over all living creatures on the earth
and put in a right relationship with God,

sin entered the world through one man,
and death through sin, and in this way
death came to all men.

Because of the rebellion to God by the first man, Adam (not
obeying God's command) , man lost the right relationship with God
and had to live in sin.
As it was not God's will for man to live as a sinner eternally, man was doomed to die and was driven out of the Garden of Eden where the tree of life is (the place of life with God) .
At the moment when 'sin entered the world,' man became terrified of
God, instead of loving Him and the life of security, self-worth and
significance turned to be that of insecurity, inferiority and
insignificance because of sin.
Physical death upon a spiritually dead man also started after the Fall, followed by a human history of reaping the consequences of sin
from generation to generation. Starting with Cain's murder of his
brother, Abel, the earth has come to be filled with violence.
Therefore God who was grief-stricken destroyed both mankind and
the earth, preserving eight members of Noah's family who lived
upright in the eyes of the Lord and one pair of every kind of


creatures (seven of every kind of clean animal for the burnt offerings
and for food after the flood). However, the flood did not bring an
end to man's sin, as apparent from Noah and his son, Ham's sins
shortly after the flood.
After that, the human desire for a totalitarian regime without
God was almost embodied in the form of the tower of Babel, but
God caused a split among the people by confusing their languages
and scattered them all over the earth. Indeed, science and
archaeology have evidenced that the earth was repopulated from a
common ancestry and from a common geographical area after the
flood, by the three main streams (Noah's three sons, Shem, Ham and
They have also shown that false religion originated in Babylon
(originally called Babel) and from Babylon horoscope was delivered
to Egypt. Thus they support the Bible.
What is more, the fact that Chinese characters can probably be
thought to have been made up, founded by the biblical accounts of
the first 11 chapters of Genesis is very significant because it seems
to imply that the origin of all the languages is one.
Interesting enough, God who then divided their languages and
caused a split among them, on the day of Pentecost (the day of the descent of the Holy Spirit), many years later, once again united
people in one by His gift of 'tongues' (spiritual languages spoken to God and which is one of the nine spiritual gifts) upon those who
had gathered there in the name of the Lord.
Jesus, on the night He was betrayed by His disciple (Judas) and
was arrested, prayed for His followers whom He was about to leave
in this world, asking the Father to bring them to complete unity.
God answered His prayer and sent the promised Holy Spirit.